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(In the past, this action will result in an error.)If you use the new clipboard experience on Windows 10, beginning with this new version, the interface is getting updates to optimize the design for text snippets making each entry smaller to see more content.

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, there’s a new system light theme that brings lighter colors for the Start menu, Action Center, taskbar, touch keyboard, and other elements that didn’t have a true light color scheme when switching from the dark to light system theme.

updating to a new version-53

Using the drop-down menu, you’ll also find a Custom option, which allows you to continue to use a light theme without the new changes.

In addition, the May 2019 Update (formerly April 2019 Update) also introduces a new default desktop wallpaper, which you can use going to Settings Theme and selecting the Windows Light theme.

For instance, you’ll find a new way to finish the Windows setup and quickly access some of the most frequently used settings.

Inspired by the Microsoft account homepage, the Settings home page now has a header allowing you to take quick actions for things like signing in and managing your Microsoft account.

Starting with this new version, Action Center adds a new slider to quickly adjust the brightness of the screen using any level, instead of the button that only allows you to select between four levels of brightness.rearrange, add, and remove buttons without having to open the Settings app.

(If you need to add or remove buttons, right-click a button, select Edit, and then click the unpin button or click the Add button add more buttons.)Also, Action Center now introduces a shadow effect to match the shadow seen along the borders of other taskbar flyouts.

(The option is called “When I’m using an app in full screen mode.”)The Storage settings page has been redesigned to see at glance how space is been utilized, instead of having to select each drive to see the same information, which wasn’t very intuitive for many users.

As a result of this change, you’ll no longer find the “Storage sense” section, but you can still access the settings to enable, disable, and configure the feature by clicking the Configure Storage Sense or run it now link under “Storage.”Under the “More Storage settings” section, you’ll now find options to access the Optimize Drives settings to use defragmentation, and you’ll find another option to view storage usage on other drives.

As a result, when you start a Search, you’ll notice an updated landing page with better spacing to show recent activities and most recent apps, adding light theme support with some subtle acrylic effect over all the search filter options.

In addition, in the Settings app, you’ll now find two pages, one to control the Cortana settings and another page to configure the Search experience.

Also, the name of the printer will now use a wrap instead of cutting off the name.


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