Validating a dance specific screening test for balance Free chat sites for fucking

A reactive balance task was developed and described using the Y-balance test for the balance component, while the Fit Light training system This paper describes the test protocol of a reactive balance test as an adapted Y-balance test.

The LED-lights of the Fit Light training system TM are placed at 80% of the maximal reach distance for each axis along the Y-Balance test kit TM.

validating a dance specific screening test for balance-16

Within this context, adaptability has been put forward as a concept to understand how balance during dynamic activity is affected by a changing environment.].

This highlights the importance of evaluating balance coupled to unanticipated stimuli and goal-oriented motor tasks when exploring functional tests within the construct of adaptability.

In the context of adaptability, it was more relevant to consider the visuomotor reaction time on the behavioural level as the time needed to select and execute the appropriate motor response in a changing environment.

Previous research showed that together with the reaction time and pre-motor time as outcomes for speed of signal processing, accuracy can be used as an outcome measure of adequate signal processing and learning [].

Although not limited to these, the primary components that interact to maintain balance are the visual, vestibular somatosensory and neuromuscular system [].

Balance can be objectively measured by either reach distance (e.g.

star excursion balance test, Y-balance test) or by counting balance errors when performing a balance test (e.g. Both reach distance and balance errors have been proven to be reliable and valid outcome measures [].

Current balance tests aim to measure pre-planned motor responses and focus on the neuromuscular system which uses information from the somatosensory and vestibular system (e.g. However, this neglects the importance of balance in its relevant context of sports performance or injury prevention.

The ambiguity and distress this presents to dancers, the several different causes of joint hypermobility and the separate needs of the many different diverse styles of dance are all discussed.


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