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After a deliverable is completed, it is controlled in Validate Scope process.Approved Scope is another input of the Validate Scope process.If change requests are approved by the change control board, then the change request can be implemented by the project team.

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Scope baseline refers the last scope of a project agreed by all project stakeholders.

Validate scope process checks whether a deliverable meets its agreed requirements against the approved scope.

This entire process helps to validate your project management skills as well as, it ensures that you have the knowledge of the highest standard that makes you apt for the role of Project Manager.

Once you get PMPcertification is an unbiased endorsement of your professional experience and project management knowledge at a global level.

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Information on all the PMI certifications can be found here: https://org/certifications.

If you wait until the end of the project to get an acceptance and if there are any disputes in the deliverables, it will be hard to do rework and revise the deliverable accordingly.

Therefore, deliverables of a project must be shown to the customer frequently and acceptance must be acquired.

In this article, we are going to have a detailed look into the inputs and outputs of Validate Scope process.

We will also explore the benefits of Validate Scope Process and finally, we will summarize the whole Validate Scope Process in five steps.

Customer check and acceptance of the deliverables is a critical activity since the final acceptance of the project will be received from the customer.


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