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When validation options are selected, File Maker Pro displays a message if you enter data incorrectly.For example, you can set an option to require that users enter a value in a field.

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File Maker Pro will skip importing records and fields that don’t match your validation requirements, and report the number of skipped records and fields when the import operation is complete. Therefore, these types of validation failures cause the entire record to be skipped.

(All the other field validation options are evaluated when File Maker Pro attempts to commit each field.) If one or more records cannot be changed because they are being accessed elsewhere — either in another window by the same user or (if the file is shared) by other clients — then these records are skipped during import.

First, this type of data collection requires that remote computers have a reliable connection to the Internet and so there is always the threat of downtime.

Second, some of the methods often used to transmit and validate data such as XML or Java Script can be lengthy and add to the amount of information that has to be passed between the client and the server.

In addition, changes in data capture can be made in a timely fashion in order to maximize the quality of data being collected.

Site requirements are minimal for basic data entry—just reliable Internet access and a Web browser.

The options are independent of any options that might be set in the ODBC data source.

When you import data into an existing File Maker Pro file, you can validate the data during import.

Client-side prompts and validation checks assist in the data entry process, including both within-form and cross-form checks.


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