dating banned in senegal - Validating datetime

Write("Please enter your date of birth (dd/mm/yy): "); //Validate the input and set as a variable bool input Valid = false; while (input Valid !

= true) //Calculate user age int user Age = today Date. Year; if (user Birthdate In addition to the other answers, you're calling Console.

Selected "Field is Expression" and the syntax that was used is below SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(date_id,'DD/MM/YY'),4,2).

This works fine on the tables in oracle db with date datatype.

I got a bit lazy so I didn't do the date/day validation (but I'd imagine you know how to do that).

Below is my scnerio scenerio1 i have 2 input "fromdate" and "todate" which can be null eg.

The solution will not enable client-side validation, which is what the OP wanted (see their html markeup snippet block). Net 4.5 project and client-side validation does not work correclty (e.g., barks when a valid date is entered, just like what the OP said) In fact, your answer about needing to change the [Date Type(Date Type. Server side validation will work just fine for either Date Type.

It is the client-side validation that is the problem.Trying to get the value of month part alone and checking if it is less than 13.date_id is the column name and used a value function to compare the values.Facing an issue while validating a datetime datatype column from a table in powercenter repository.Have imported a flat file into powercenter repository and trying to validate the datetime datatype column.It is formatted to be just that way (as specified in (Data Format String = ") When I try to insert the date, I ALWAYS get the error: Thanks for your answer! I know that both date and time are validated, that's what I could see and the reason I wrote this post! I'm posting this because I would like to know what is the way of validating only the date.


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