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The specification also includes an annotated sample file, and the file can be downloaded separately here.

A specification for the new ONIX Acknowledgement message is also available.

Three schema definition options are available for ONIX 3.0.

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covers 3.0 revision 5 (3.0.5), released October 2018.

This revision is fully backward-compatible with earlier versions of the 3.0 specification.

Only limited documentation is available so far, and is included in the Zip package.

It should be suitable for anyone who has experience of validation using the main XSD schema files with XSD 1.1-compatible tools.

This initlal version is numbered Release 3.0 only for consistency with the numbering of the main ONIX message specification.

The specification also includes a number of annotated sample acknowledgement messages, and the sample files can be downloaded separately here. These guidelines are intended to set a global benchmark for implementors, to reduce the variation between different interpretations of the standard in different countries, and to ensure that ONIX 3.0 messages are as interoperable as possible on a global scale.

The ONIX for Books Release 3.0 Tagname converter is an XSLT script which enables ONIX reference names to be translated into short tags, and vice versa.

The XSLT script and instructions for its use are available here.

The complete documentation package below includes the is updated regularly to incorporate new and improved guidance, usually alongside new issues of the Codelists.

Any comments on the guidelines should be forwarded to [email protected]– views are particularly invited from non-English language implementers, and on how well the best practices described meet the needs of different national book and e-book supply chains.

For example, the advanced schema is able to validate ISBN check digits.


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