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Keep these tips in mind when you get new assignments: Your research strategy will vary depending on your legal issue and the nature of your project.

While there is no one path that works for every research question, these steps are a useful starting point: One of the trickiest research tasks is knowing when your research is completed.

Good research begins with knowing what it is you are researching.

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The following may signal that you have found a good spot to conclude your research: Law Library Home Page.

The Law Library home page provides access to a wide array of research resources and information. The Law Library has prepared more than 60 research guides to assist UCLA Law students with their research needs.

While in the simplified version it’s “the smallest thing you can build”.

But before you start to build anything you have to be sure that your idea solves the problem of your intended audience.

In their zeal to impress their employers and to appear informed, new attorneys may draw their own assumptions about the objectives for the research, neglect to ask clarifying questions, or may even appear disinterested in the assignment.

Good communication skills are vital to insuring that you have a solid understanding of your assignments and that those giving you assignments know they can count on you.

Guides of particular interest for law students include: Guide for First Year Law Students; Law School Study Aids; Mobile Applications for Law Students and Lawyers; and Career Planning, Job Search and More for for Law Students. This guide provides instructions for UCLA Law students on how to access UC, UCLA and UCLA Law licensed databases remotely. The Digital Collection page provides links to commonly used legal databases. Use the Catalog to search for books and other library materials available at UCLA. The UCLA Library system provides access to non-legal databases and other research resources available at UCLA. Melvyl provides a single interface from which users may search the records of all UC libraries, World Cat, UC books digitized by Google, and selected online databases.

Bean Validation (JSR-303) is a specification introduced as a part of Java EE 6.

The first step of the process is to figure out a problem that needs to be solved.

Then building a minimum viable product so you can start learning as soon as possible.

Currently, Seam REST validates only Java Bean parameters (as opposed to primitive types, Strings and so on).


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