Validating server migration

This will speed up the migration process by lightening the load of data that will need transferring.

Validating server migration

In addition to adjusting your firewall to allow for full utilization of the bandwidth you have available, consider transferring data when there are fewer users — or even better, no users — online. If you must share a network during data migration, consider throttling your usage to prevent slowing down the network for other users.

Before beginning your data migration project, develop a map of what data needs to be migrated.

We’ll get to some lesser-known actions — and “gotchas” — before we are done.) Data migration is very strategic, so during the strategy development, assessment, and analysis stages, figure out what type of data you need to transfer, which systems use this data, and what other files the data links to.

Data migration plan samples could give you some insight on how to structure your own plan, and are worth glancing over.

If you’re transferring data over a network, it’s important to have the most bandwidth you can.

Check for firewalls that might delay data transfer.

• The organization splits into two or more organizations or units, each with a new name and requiring new file paths and filenames.

• Someone orders all data storage moved off premises.

Then try manually adding the rule in the Destination.

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