Value not updating unbound ole object wireless validating identiy

We have an SQL Server so our data base file is a file.

value not updating unbound ole object-73

I had been using MS Access 2010 running with Win XP.

My organization just purchased new computers and I am now running MS Access 2010 with Win 7 64 Bit.

How can I solve this, I have tried the me.refresh command in various places but as yet to no avail.

Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction.

Create an unbound object frame on the form sized to hold the Excel chart 2. Go to Access form, click on Edit in the menu at the top and click on Oaste Special 4. Select the chart on the form, open properties, click on the Format tab and set the size mode property to ...

Hi all, not been here for a year or two, hence i have forgotton a lot of Access stuff.All I have to work with is a table that holds the name of a student and the place for a photo.Normally all I have to do is go to the photo table and in the photo field and right click to insert and object I do it by file and by browsing the folder then inserting it. I am not the one who developed this program only manage it and use it.I have tried to research this issue and sort of understand the photos are looking for an OLE server that no longer exists.Could it be that the OLE Server recognized Photoshop CS3 but doesn't see Photoshop 6 CC as the same??? Thanks Sounds like you have a form with an unbound OLE control on it.(not sure if that was accurate but that was my thought).


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