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Some MVNOs also have data-only offerings, which can be intended for tablets ("Tablet plans available" in Notes column), or can require the purchase (or BYOD) of a dedicated mobile broadband modem, usually in the form of a Wi-Fi Hotspot device ("Yes" in Modem Service column; not to be confused with the Tethering / Phone Hotspot column, which refers to the ability to use a phone as a USB-attached or Bluetooth-connected mobile broadband modem and/or Wi-Fi hotspot).

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But they don't (at this time) routinely push new PRLs to phones when new PRLs come out.

Verizon has released a system update for the Pantech UML290 LTE USB Modem.

GSM automatically pushes updates of this list to the phone. Is it possible to pull a PRL with GSM phones (by a method similar to *228? I always thought that it just searched from networks everytime the signal got weak, hence why it my Motorola v330 takes forever to Register.

That can also be done for the CDMA PRL, and indeed if you change plans (like from AC-I to AC-II), a new PRL appropriate to that plan is apparently now pushed to the phone.

Since some Verizon store employees have turned off EVDO for customers who've complained about battery life, I would assume that it's safe to do a PRL update with 1X set on the phone.

That's just a network list, too - 310-150, for example, is all of Cingular in the old Bell South Mobility DCS region, and 310-380 is all of Sun Com Wireless.MVNOs will often push/favor a specific model phone because it's locked into the host carrier "preferred network" that gives that MVNO the best deal/rates.Providers supporting multiple Host Networks use only one of them for each device, depending on the specific phone model and/or SIM card used (except for Google Fi, which switches automatically between the different listed host networks based on factors such as relative signal strength).This new update expected will fix the several problem such as 4G / 3G connection quality, auto-connect issues, reporting power and stability enhancements.So, for Pantech UML290 3g/4g modem users, hopefully a new update makes the better connection.In the case of providers with both Lifeline and non-Lifeline offerings, but different options for each (as opposed to the same options, but different costs), the Lifeline offerings have been put on a separate row with "[Lifeline]" in the "Company" field.


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