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Calculator This app looks like a calculator but functions like a secret photo vault.

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The students, however, are using it to organize running conversations behind teachers’ backs.

Teens told me they use Google Docs to chat just about any time they need to put their phone away but know their friends will be on computers.

“We don’t really pass physical notes anymore,” said Skyler, 15, who, like all the other students in this story, is identified by a pseudonym.

As more and more laptops find their way into middle and high schools, educators are using Google Docs to do collaborative exercises and help students follow along with the lesson plan.

Sentenced were: In addition to their prison sentences and terms of supervised release, all of the defendants were ordered to pay $5000 in restitution to each of the identified victims, reaching a total of over one million dollars. Murphy, III of the Eastern District of Michigan imposed the sentences.

According to court records, these eight men worked together from 2012 through 2017, with other men both inside and outside of the United States, to lure juvenile girls to an unmonitored video chat website and then sexually exploit them.

“People will just make a new page and talk in different fonts so you know who is who,” Skyler said.

“I had one really good friend, and we were in different homerooms.

Parenting teens can be a challenge and the prevalence of social media and tech in most kids' lives makes it much more important for parents to be aware of what their kids are up to.


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