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As a result, during the 1820's, among a huge collection excavated from the Valley of the Kings and resting inside the safety of the walls of the newly opened Egyptian Museum of Turin, a very intriguing artifact was found. Concealed since until the seventies due to its “obscene” depictions, this document completely changed our western perception of Ancient Egypt.

This 8.5-inch papyrus is divided into two main topics: on the one hand, one-third depicts human-like animals performing human activities, which are thought to be a satirical depiction of everyday life.

It’s most renowned for their beliefs about death and life and their great constructions.

But sexuality isn’t something we really associate with them when we talk about this great civilization. During the Napoleonic era, a craze and interest in Egypt and their ancient history arose, leading to the discovery of the great Rosetta stone and the birth of a new branch in history and archaeology studies known as .

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Apart from that, the other depiction, which isn’t as popular as Cleopatra’s, is the role of women in the not so well acclaimed (and yet very popular) movies of .

Far from these, Ancient Egypt is better known for its mysticism and mythology.

Immediately, two girls accused the athlete of harassment in social networks. The leader of the "Pharaohs" Mohamed Salah reminded that women should be treated with respect, but urged "not to send a team-mate to the guillotine." It all started with the fact that on Wednesday on the website of the Federation of Football of Egypt a statement was published, which stated that the midfielder of PAOK Greece Amr Warda was expelled from the national team.

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