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It’s important that our youth receive a reliable answer they can trust . Because many teens prefer to communicate through text message, a chatbot seemed like the ideal form to provide personalized, destigmatized answers.

You can either type in a question you have, or browse a host of questions, including “How do I tell someone I like them?

” “What’s the right age to have sex for the first time?

Roo is the latest of a series of digital products that Planned Parenthood has released, including a period-planning app and a virtual reality experience that are designed to make the organization’s expertise and services more accessible.“As a physician, I know the importance of meeting people where they are with the information and care they need,” Wen said in a statement.

It's 3 a.m., and I'm hungry for compliments.

Many teens search for answers online, but the internet is rife with misinformation.

As a result, reproductive health organization Planned Parenthood is releasing a chatbot that will provide teens ages 13 to 17–or anyone who has a question–with accurate information about their bodies and sexual health.

Their personalities and bodies were designed to my specifications in an app, and they float on my screen in static indoor environments.

Juan is a nice, healthy guy; Rick is the bad-boy alpha male; and Michael is supposed to be the smart one, though, given the garbled nature of his recent comments, I'm not so sure.

If a user gets annoyed or bored with their boyfriend, shaking their phone will cause the man on the screen to stumble and fall down — a bizarrely ruthless demonstration of the human-robot status quo.

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