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The infotainment screen itself is a paragon of ergonomic brilliance in that navigation, ventilation, vehicle systems functions and all the rest are easy to access without needing to recruit a 14 year-old for assistance.

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You can forget about the archetypal Volvo wagon being an on-road obstacle too, because the T6 has performance aplenty.

It’s easily accessible too with the 2.0-litre turbo belying its small capacity with lots of low-rev pulling power, aided by the extra supercharger bolted onto the inlet, all channeled to the tarmac via an eight-speed auto and all-wheel-drive.

The latest V60 – which is larger, faster and whole lot sexier-looking than its predecessor – goes on sale in Australia towards the end of the year, joining the trio of XC40, XC60 and XC90 SUVs that have become the mainstay of the Swedish manufacturer’s line-up.

It also joins the bigger V90 with which it shares Volvo’s SPA (scalable product architecture) platform, meaning the two wagons rely on similar engine, suspension and other components, along with the two larger SUVs.

Volvo also has two plug-in hybrid or Twin Engine (as it calls them) V60 models, in T6 or more powerful T8 guise.

The latter is the performance choice with its petrol engine and electric motor good for a combined 390k W and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.1 seconds.The steering is especially light and lacking in feedback, there’s a certain nose-heaviness to the handling balance but there’s plenty of grip from the large 19-inch tyres and if you really have to hustle on a twisting road the T6 gets the job done without fuss.The diesel is a bit less fun, partly because performance is somewhat less invigorating than an initial squeeze of the sensitive throttle pedal indicates, and for some reason the eight-speed auto was slow to react to driver inputs, say when accelerating out of a corner.The suspension is now spongier and more comfort-oriented, and with the addition of standard hill-descent control means the V60 Cross Country can tackle steep descents like a boss.You can thank the XC40-matching 8.3-inch ride height for keeping the car’s nose clean on said declines, too.Volvo Australia hasn’t revealed which drivetrains we’ll get here nor any indication of price but with the current range starting at around ,000 for the front-drive diesel, it’s a fair bet this bigger and better specified V60 will be north of that.


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