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After getting engaged to Becca Kufrin in a normal finale, Arie broke up with her and went back to his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, all of which was filmed and played out over two of the most dramatic nights the show has actually ever had.Before Arie, the last two-night finale was Jason Mesnick's back in 2009, when he dumped fiancee Molly Malaney on After the Final Rose and got together with runner-up Melissa Rycroft.

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Andrew Firestone is the first Bachelor whose name we actually remember!

Unfortunately, his relationship with Jen Schefft did not pan out after his proposal, because they broke up after just a few months.

And then there's Jed Wyatt, who she may or may not have had sex with in a normal hotel room, but who's been plagued by reports of having a serious girlfriend right up until he got on the plane to Los Angeles, and who outright admitted he originally only went on the show to promote his (slightly dubious) music career?

This season's finale will play out over two nights, which isn't new for the franchise, but does likely mean we're in for some drama.

In another infamous season finale, De Anna Pappas' reject, Jason Mesnick, first proposed to Melissa Rycroft.

He then changed his mind and asked original runner-up, Molly Malaney, for a second chance.

dedicated to one horrible man who ended up going out in a blaze of sexist sex-shaming, Hannah's ending is a bit of a question mark.

Her three remaining guys are certainly the only three other guys we got to know very much about this season, but there's no clear frontrunner.

Did she have sex in a windmill with the guy (Peter Weber) she's hoping to be with forever, or did she have sex in a windmill with the guy she really just wanted to have sex with?

Did she not have sex with the guy (Tyler Cameron) she's hoping to be with forever, or will she end up never having sex with him at all?

The Mummy is a 1999 American action horror film written and directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Brendan Fraser (pictured), Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Kevin J. In this film, a loose remake of a film of the same name from 1932, adventurers accidentally awaken Imhotep, a high priest from Pharaoh Seti I's reign who has been cursed for eternity.

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