Wardb not updating Sex to wap

Turned out the list was sorted by default by "renown per member".

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Which only serves to show that ranking guilds is inherently problematic, because what the "best" guild is depends on the criterion you choose.

A small hardcore guild can certainly claim that every member put in more of an individual contribution.

There is a new guild ranking site up at Warheap, for US servers only, because Europe doesn't have a realm war website.

So I went and checked out my US guild, Casualties of War, and found them way down at spot 51 of the Order guilds on the Averheim server.

Just because we're larger, doesn't mean we level faster. Also, wardb guild rank leaderboards are inaccurate since they require one or more people in each guild to have the wardb addon, which doesn't happen.

Warheap takes directly from the realm war page, so it's as accurate as realm war, which is pretty accurate most of the time.

Probably as there is not much else to buy with gold still.

Strangely one of my characters got "duplicated", i have no idea why and its just a low level with not much stuff on him (8g, yay! I traveled to the Land of the Dead and checked out the "starter area" but due to my UI being messed up so badly i could not go on further. A lot - and i mean a LOT - of WAR blogs closed their sites due to people not playing anymore.

When i logged into the game the first things i checked out was the enhanced bag space (nice! If i understood right you need to equip the gear to get the ward, right?

Just having a warlord item in my inventory won't be enough, or?

I'll have to fix that first and hopefully will have some time during the weekend to have a proper look. GOA did send some bloggers letters, finally, like the US did, maybe the less and less blogs are the reason it was only three blogs?

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