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If you want to run a free site you can disable all payment-related functionality from the "Settings" screen. Net Dating Software package includes several pre-made themes.

You have the choice to either pick one of the included thems or create your own.

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The system will automatically replace it everywhere on the site where it has been used.

Using our site manager you have the ability to define each and every aspect of your users’ profiles.

This page replaces the Home Page once the user is logged in.

It shows many user-specific details such as: times your profile has been viewed, your current rating, new messages, and new members of the opposite sex. The primary photo shows in the search results, profile, messages.

Each user will need to click on the confirmation link to complete the registration.

This extra step is necessary to validate the user's e-mail address.The page also has two other convenient searches - Username search and Keyword search.- This page contains all the functionality of the basic search but also gives the ability to narrow down the search to specific answers.It has never been easier translating the whole site to as many languages as YOU want.All YOU have to do is write down the equivalent of the string in the language table on the corresponding language.Take an in-depth tour of our online dating site software. Web based administration allows you to work on your online dating site wherever you have an Internet connection.


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