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When you ask to see the news, WSJ uses a carousel format to showcase the day’s biggest new stories in the most visual way possible: From here, you can quickly drill down to get what you’re looking for.

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Ein Chatbot kann Fragen beantworten, einem Nutzer bei der Buchung einer Reise behilflich sein oder einfach der Unterhaltung dienen.

Schon 1966 gab es eine erste Version der textbasierten Dialogroboter – sie hieß „Eliza“ und beantwortete als virtuelle Psychotherapeutin die Fragen ihrer Nutzer.

Giving people a clear opt-out keyword is a great way to help maintain your Many Chat list hygiene and ensure that you’re only sending messages to interested prospects & customers. While he has your attention, creator Nick O’Neill takes a second to qualify you as a lead for his company Bot Partners.

If you indicate that you’d like help building a bot, you’ll be qualified as a lead after three easy questions. First of all, this is one of the first hints we’re seeing of video courses and even potential membership “sites” that can be run entirely inside of Facebook Messenger.

Thanks to Facebook Messenger, “conversational commerce” (the intersection of shopping and messaging apps) is finally becoming a reality.

And for a great example, look no further than the e Bay Shop Bot.

Poncho will even send you a daily “running forecast,” letting you know if it looks like a good day to go for a jog or not.

Poncho is a great example of a chatbot that’s focused on solving one specific problem in a way that’s fun and easy to use on social media.

Seitdem entwickelte sich die Technik stetig weiter.


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