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Discovered 1970s at Tell Mardikh Sodom, Gomorrah, Zoar (Bab edh-Drha, Numeria, es-Safi).The capital city of Hattusha, 5 temples and thousands of clay tablets were discovered in Bogazkoy, Turkey in 1876-1906 Book of Joshua (~1400 BCE) Jericho by walking around it with the Ark of the Covenant for seven days, then circled the walls seven times on the final day.» Decisions of the first four ecumenical councils added as civil laws.

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"We desire that all peoples subject to Our benign Empire shall live under the same religion that the Divine Peter, the Apostle, gave to the Romans, and which the said religion declares was introduced by himself ...

We order all those who follow this law to assume the name of Catholic Christians, and considering others as demented and insane, We order that they shall bear the infamy of heresy; and when the Divine vengeance which they merit has been appeased, they shall afterwards be punished in accordance with Our resentment, which we have acquired from the judgment of Heaven." January 13-20.

Yeh swasth evam chamakdar twacha pane ka sabse sasta aur aasan upay hai.

Aesa takriban hafte mai ek baar karne se twacha mai chamak aa jati hai.

Galba (68-69 murder), Otho (69) suicide, Vitellius (69 executed and the temple of Jupiter was burned down), and Vespasian (69-79) The first Jewish revolt ends.

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