Websites try to make internet dating less creepy

The first major milestone that will make the Weave Network fully functional by 2059 will be new GPS, triangulation and Internet technologies on mobile devices.Social networking has become much easier with the invention of certain technologies, such as the telephone and Internet.

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The next great development in technology will be more powerful cell phone networks.

This technology will open up a new platform for social networking which will eventually replace the Internet.

The most successful website to this day, Facebook, was launched in early 2004 and has grown up to over 140 million users.

However, Facebook will follow in the footsteps of the previous dominant social networking tools, such as the telephone and Friendster, by something more powerful and user-friendly.

However, Facebook is very close to reaching its saturation point which will cause it to be replaced by something that is more user-friendly.

Although Facebook has expanded to mobile phones, it is much less interactive than accessing it from a computer.

This new technology will be able to support a more advanced social networking application than Facebook.

There have been hundreds of social networking websites launched since 1997, the most popular of the websites being Facebook with over 175 million users (Wikipedia, 2009).

The convenience of the Weave Network makes it very plausible to overcome Facebook in the future.


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