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Companies are expected to invest in staff and filtering technologies to moderate content and stay in compliance with government regulations.Failure to comply can lead to fines or revocation of operating licenses.

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We Chat offers a microblogging feature called “Public Accounts” that allows certain users to publish daily posts.

On March 13, 2014, Tencent shut down nearly 40 Public Accounts without giving any prior notice.

We found a greater number of keywords blocked on group chat compared to one-to-one chat, which suggests that communications on group chat are specifically targeted, potentially because group chats can reach a larger number of users.

In both chat modes, users are no longer presented with a warning message when they enter blocked keywords, as indicated by previous reports.

It is estimated that Chinese users spend a third of their mobile online time on We Chat and typically return to the app ten times a day or more.

We Chat is owned and operated by Tencent, one of China’s largest technology companies.

By using We Chat, you agree to this Acceptable Use Policy, which sets out the rules of good behaviour applicable to your use of We Chat.

Should you have any questions about this We Chat Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us at [email protected], unless the context requires otherwise.

Operating a chat application in China requires following laws and regulations on content control and monitoring.


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