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Pronounced in Mandarin as , this word sounds very similar to the word Harmony/Harmonize (hé xié).

The word “harmonize” began to be censored due to the fact that it was used to describe something being actively censored (eg.

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” or “Awesome.”Alternatively, for the numeric slang, numbers are used for words whose pinyin sounds somewhat similar to that of the character the number represents.

For example, using this system, 7451 in internet slang means 气死我了 qì sǐ wǒ le (I am very angry), as the pronunciation of the numbers qī sì wǔ yī is very similar.

For the capital letter acronyms, each letter corresponds to the first letter of a pinyin syllable.

In this way, NB would be the internet slang form of 牛逼, a Chinese colloquial word meaning “Cool!

One final category of slang seen on the internet is that which is intended to fool the censors.

China’s internet is notoriously controlled and restricted.

While public profile pages are somewhat more formal, slang is particularly prevalent in the associated chat functions of these sites.

It would be an understatement to say that Chinese people take dating (and hunting for partners) seriously.

This is a hugely popular messaging and social media app, which has taken China by storm in the last few years.


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