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I was going through a cleanse of sorts, different styles of food eating, etc., and it was very helpful to get lost in that show.

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A relaxed and comfortable approach to speed dating.

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Series 2, Episode 1 CC UR HD SD After repeatedly having her suggestions ignored by the likes of Doug Wilson and having an eye-opening car accident Celia decides to run for city that there will be some “tasteful nudity” involved, but also that this does not mean Nancy and Audra get any more than doctor-patient privelege with one another.

The website writes that “all Morissette’s character really wants is Justin Kirk‘s Andy.”It had so much potential!

Our 'Night For Suzanne' is a great way to give back and have fun while doing it!

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It is traditional Speed Dating with an English touch.

The very Zen-sounding singer-songwriter took a break from marathon training and working on a book of "philosophy and humour and anecdotes and photographs and essays" to speak with by phone from her L.

I initiated a meeting with (show creator) Jenji Kohan and said `My sense is that I would be happy to offer, if it's of any service, the idea of a woman being very compassionate and very warm and supportive toward the Nancy character.' She was going through so much on her own ...

I felt like I had to be a real grownup to portray her.

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