christian dating rules for teens - What its like dating a musician

You are no longer a star-struck fan but a part of their friend circle because you are dating their fellow musician. You might have always wanted a partner who would woo you by singing melodious songs and what better than hearing songs that are written by your own partner.

You can also meet their partners and form a partner’s club sort of so that you get to be a part of an even larger group and plan your travels together for performances. You will come home after a long day and will get to hear a soothing romantic number which will sweep you off your feet and change your mood instantly.

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They will not only work towards their own goals but will also encourage you to follow your dreams and have a passionate outlook for life.

They will never discourage you from trying anything new and will support you with everything they have. They are in touch with their emotions and treat you well.

Musicians have muses and you can be a muse for your partner when he or she is writing new songs.

It might be about your time together as a couple or a romantic gesture you did for them that might just get converted into a song which you can hear whenever you want to. Music artists have a passion for life and live on the edge.

Whenever you are feeling down or low, your partner can always cheer you up with some great music of their own. You get to attend great concerts and gigs before anyone else.

You might already be having a gig at your home and will get to attend all concerts and gigs without going to any sort of trouble to get passes.You can also play these songs to mark a special occasion to bring back some golden memories. You might be an inspiration behind some of their best works.Even better than listening to a song that your partner sings to woo you, is a song that is inspired by you.As time moves on, as you realise that it’s not quite Knebworth, you move towards the middle of the crowd, keeping a wary eye on the diehards at the front, kind of like a mum at a school play when their kid isn’t Mary or Joseph, or even one of the three kings, but Shepherd #3.You are a bit, slightly, embarrassed by it all, but you obviously want to be supportive.By the end, you have heard all these songs done to death, and there’s always beer in your hair, and you didn’t even get your name on the “guestlist” at the door so had to pay a fiver to get in here.


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