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Whether you are eager to join all of your friends in the dating scene or you are a content singleton, the average age at which teen boys first start dating is dropping.

These statistics may help you convince your parents that the time may also be right for you to begin dating.

Oyebode said the issue of allowing her daughter go on dates has led to a series of heated discussions between them.

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Here are 10 pieces of dating advice I plan to give my son about dating.

Don’t do it to be cool or because other people are.

When you’re in a relationship, it is easy to get tied up with the other person.

All other relationships begin to lessen, and the one with your girlfriend becomes your priority.

Don’t be pressured into dating because of expectations, including from your parents.

A lot of guys don’t date much or at all in high school, and that’s fine.Take responsibility for what to do and come up with ideas based on what you think she would like.Suggest a plan, but be flexible if she has some different ideas.While it may not be what you envisioned, teenage boys may start going on "dates" as part of a bigger group at around 13 1/2 years, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics -- though the majority of the teens in these group outings are actually unattached.Going out on dates solely as a couple usually becomes more common around age 16, according to NYU Langone Medical Center.After you’ve planned a date with your girlfriend, be sure to make time for your friends. You would not want a guy doing something inappropriate with your sister.

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