When updating your flashpaq

Well, now you can get away with just one tuner for two vehicles with Superchips’ new Flashpaq.The Flashpaq utilizes the same basic principles as most other flash tuners, though it allows you to tune twovehicles.The one I updated only added the part that says advance diagnostics, checks 0-60mphs etc..

when updating your flashpaq-7

Here's a quote from another thread also: I can tell a HUGE difference between 1.07 and 1.11.

That difference is that my car no longer stalls at idle.

Perhaps there is a chance that something may break (or not work correctly) if you dont go back to stock first?

Does anyone know if this an issue with a specific superchips software build or ECM/TCM version?

(primary becomes backup and backup becomes primary) Doing this makes it impossible to brick the unit during update and saves the service center and customers lots of grief. I don't believe you have to return to stock first, but the careful person would. If you update it and, for one reason or another, it gets locked or spits an error code or blows up you can no longer go back to stock.

You are updating the SC computer using Widows, Internet Explorer, the Internet, your power, any oddities* on your computer etc. *Oddities: Versions of Internet Explorer, Active X, patches, viruses, adware, spyware, etc. Updating the Flashpaq will ensure that you are on the most recent update for your vehicle’s computer.Next, you’ll select “Tune Vehicle” and choseone of the two available spots to hold the first tune.The presence of an OBD-II port on every car and light truck sold in America since 1996 was intended to help thegovernment keep an eye on your tailpipe emissions, but it turned out to be the key to unlocking hidden performance through flash tuning devices.Easy to use, and often capable of tweaking just about every parameter the car’s computer can control, the average flash tuner has just one disadvantage – a one-to-one relationship with a specific car. Maybe your buddy or girlfriend is also an enthusiast?The only catch is that the vehicles must be from the same auto manufacturer.


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