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A professor praised the lawyers defending the rights of those targeted “to think, to write and to speak freely.” Those words inspired Ginsburg to become a lawyer.“I got the idea that you could do something to make your society a little better,” she said.

Martin Ginsburg believed “women’s work, whether at home or on the job, was as important as a man’s work,” Justice Ginsburg says in the film.

“Meeting Marty was by far the most fortunate thing that ever happened to me.” Ginsburg was in college when the country was gripped by Wisconsin Senator Joseph Mc Carthy’s incendiary campaign against alleged communists in the federal government and the arts.

Describing the climate for women in those years, Totenberg says, “There was no aspect of American life in which you were not treated differently.” The trouble the immensely qualified Ginsburg had finding a job helped shape her life’s work: fighting discrimination against women and, more broadly, gender discrimination of all kinds.

In 1963 she began teaching a course in Gender and the Law at Rutgers University.

Ginsburg encountered gender discrimination while still in law school.

One of nine women in her Harvard Law School class of more than 500 students, she went to the law library to do research and was told she couldn’t enter because she was a woman.

I have admired Justice Ginsburg since she joined the Supreme Court in 1993.

But before I saw this film, by directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen, I had not understood the fundamental role Ginsburg has played throughout her life in securing equal rights for women.

Yet the discrimination she encountered in school continued after she received her law degree.


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