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Irving got a huge sum (0 million) and never had to work again.

Amy’s mother, Priscilla Pointer is a wonderful character actress. I remember being quite impressed with her when she did Amadeus on Broadway.

She was marvelous in “Carrie” and “Mommie Dearest”. She was so perfectly earthy and really reminded me of some of the high school girls who babysat me back in the 70s. It's tonally all over the place and kind of off its rocker, but it's so brilliantly done with some sublime set pieces. Her glowy blue telekinetic eyes as she makes Childress explode! I was just a kid but I thought she was pretty good.

Irving is one of those people who was in everything and then vanished. I saw her in a production of A Little Night Music a few years back as Desiree and she was surprisingly terrific. After all, he was the one who left her for another woman and that was well known, (although I think they both admited their marriage was probably over). And Amy herself was a last minute replacement for Dianne Wiest. I don't think the producers knew what they wanted, The book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls details a little bit of their relationship.

If got $100M from Spielberg, she probably doesn't need to work. Very warm and funny and her "Send in the Clowns" was heartbreaking. It's just that Spielberg was considered one of the kings in Hollywood, and she thinks major directors felt uncomfortable having to work with her, and the fact she had reached the age where actresses have a difficult time finding roles didn't help. Yes it is a bit campy, but in addition to Amy it had the divine Lee Remick and the final competition scenes still give me goosebumps 36 years later.[quote] She got Ron Silver fired from an Arthur Miller play called Broken Glass back in the 90’s because he was such an asshole (though she’s no prize either). I read it years ago, but from what I remember Irving was made out to be a bit of a nightmare and was not well-liked by most of Spielberg's friends. As for Irving, she was not a last-minute replacement.

I assumed it wouldn't hold up when I saw it many years later and it's not a classic but I still really liked it.

Dudley Moore was quite good - I don't think he made a decent movie after that.

During their divorce proceedings, the judge overseeing their divorce proceedings had ruled in favor of Amy per said agreement.

There was a Bob Costas interview on youtube where she discusses how she felt divorcing Speilberg hurt her career. She's done well on Broadway theater in recent years.

I think I'd seen her in some movies (probably Carrie and The Fury) and thought she was kind of spacey so I was impressed that she did a serious play like that. Or at least hire Irving instead of the woman he did . I remember seeing Mayron interviewed somewhere joking about her three big disappointments in show biz.

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