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Carly Pope (born August 28, 1980) is a Canadian actress.

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In 2009, she appeared in FOX's hit thriller, 24, as Samantha Roth, the president son's girlfriend.

On December 29, 2009, Carly and her brother, Kris Pope, were driving a black BMW down West Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver when David Fomradas, 31, of Alberta jumped on top of the car and yelled at them to run him over.

No, there just really good friends hell no he is for me emily bieber They are not dating, Justin signed Carly…

if you are talking about icarly,then this episode is about sam hiding from Carly that she was a pageant girl when she was younger and when her rival copetes against Carly or something like that Carly cant do it so sam steps in !!!!!

Pope was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, with an older brother, Kris, also an actor, and a younger brother, Alexander.

She was trained as a dancer until she became active in theater during high school.In 2005 she was a guest-star in an episode of FOX's Tru Calling and played an aspiring social worker in the film Eighteen.In 2007, Pope starred in the Power Up project Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and in Martin Gero's ' intelligent sex comedy ' and Toronto International Film Festival hit, Young People Fucking.Freddie feels that Carly is only dating him because he saved her life, so he tells her they should not date until he is better; he wants her to see if she still will have feelings for him. After the kiss on i Lost My Mind, Sam and Freddie start dating.They decide to go on a date to a restaurant, but are scared that they will start fighting in the middle of their date. The title is referring to Carly because she feels like she is dating both Sam and Freddie. the guy ends up breaking up with Carly because he catches Carly making fun of his little fluffy toy collection Carly's bother Spencer bikes was stolen, Carly brought him that bike in the epidode ipromote techfoots, And Carly started to date him, "His Names Griffen", but Spencer didn't like it, so they pretended to hate each other and went on secertly dating, Spencer caught them out and weirdly let them continue. Freddie, Sam and Carly must hold a Speed Dating session when they are overwhelmed with boys that wanna take Carly to the upcoming dance. - Contributions&target=ip: ID1499820468 I hope so too but someone said Carly and Freddie kiss :( BUT they're doing this so Carly gets a date to the dance, so maybe Freddie will take Sam...? She’s known to be unmarried but had outdated two actors previously.


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