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Last week Daisy told The Sun she would not fall victim to the curse which has seen many couple split after one appeared on Strictly.

Strictly Come Dancing star Daisy Lowe has split from her boyfriend, despite happily speaking about him in a TV interview this week.

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According to a source, the pair seems to be enjoying each others company.

Lowe's close friend, Pixie Geldof, model Winnie Harlow, singer Izzy Bizu, models Sam Rollinson and Charlotte Wiggins also appeared in the party alongside the pair.

The week before she was kicked off the much-loved dancing show, Daisy confirmed that her relationship with fellow model Bradley “Frankie” Wade had ended, with her citing “mutually busy work schedules".

The brunette said she had no energy left to give her boyfriend after rehearsals and Strictly promotional commitments.

Lowe and Evans later left the party together holding hands.

The both looked tired but happy and thrilled to have been together.

’ I didn’t really know who this really tired person was either.“I’m never usually this exhausted every single day.

Frankie deserves more than that and so do I.”Daisy has previously dated Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, singer Darius Campbell and Peaches Geldof’s widow Thomas Cohen.

Aljaz is my brother."After falling into the bottom two for two weeks in a row on the BBC dancing programme, Daisy and Aljaz spent more time rehearsing on their routines, which put an extra strain on her relationship with Frankie.

Frankie, a part-time actor and model, had been seen supporting Daisy in the audience while performing her Strictly routines.

Lorraine mentioned the "curse" - which has seen several stars over the years split from their other half to end up embarking on a romance with their dance partner - but Daisy said that would not happen.


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