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They still have the original green death fucking flavor! It says on the back of the Ny Quil box, on the back of the box it says, "May cause drowsiness." It should say, "Don't make any fucking plans! "we know that there's a small child inside of you, so now we have grape and cherry and orange flavor." Not Ny Quil! It's so strong you go, "*wheeze* Hey this stuff really tastes like.." Bang! " We have reached the point where the over the counter drugs are actually stronger than anything you can buy on the street.

In the pilot episode, he and his wife Janet (Andrea Roth) have already separated, although they are technically still married, and Tommy has moved across the street.

Most of Tommy's actions as a firefighter are heroic and brave, but his family members and fellow firefighters view him as selfish, despite his concern for others and passion for the job.

I have spent entirely too much time dwelling on Mr. I love life and I am lucky to be living the one that I am.

I decided yesterday that I need to start dating again. sometimes I am funny but mostly I just write the first thing that comes to mind and then stop when it ends. April 2004 December 2004 January 2005 February 2005 March 2005 April 20 June 2005 July 2005 August 2005 September 2005 October 2005 November 2005 December 2005 January 2006 February 2006 March 2006 April 20 June 2006 July 2006 August 2006 September 2006 October 2006 November 2006 December 2006 January 2007 February 2007 March 2007 April 20 June 2007 July 2007 August 2007 September 2007 October 2007 November 2007 December 2007 January 2008 February 2008 March 2008 April 20 June 2008 July 2008 August 2008 September 2008 October 2008 November 2008 December 2008 January 2009 February 2009 March 2009 April 20 June 2009 July 2009 August 2009 September 2009 October 2009 November 2009 December 2009 January 2010 February 2010 March 2010 April 20 June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 February 2013 September 2016 "The most wasted day is one in which we have not laughed" "Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you might miss it." "Guys are like stars, there's a million of them out there but only one of them can make your dreams come true." "Don't spend your life with someone you can live with, spend it with someone you can't live without." "Reach for the moon, even if you miss you will still land among the stars" Veronique Yoda Hot Toddy Finding Liz The Adorable DB Tux Baby Malcolm (he'll be back) They'll All Fall we grabbed the lion Red Hot Sexy Papa Snow dooce Madi (my stalker) Did I miss you?

The series follows Tommy's troubled family and co-workers as they deal with real-life issues, such as post-9/11 trauma or their own domestic problems.

Tommy struggles with the loss of his cousin and best friend, firefighter Jimmy Keefe (James Mc Caffrey), as well as 59 other firefighters whom he knew who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Tommy is an impatient, self-loathing, hypocritical, manipulative relapsed alcoholic who suffers with severe survivor guilt and posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of 9/11. Normally when I change the day it is to move up in the week, not back... I was talking to Veronique last night when I did a couple of shots of it and she hasn't ever had it before!!! Have I ever told ya'll just how awesome Ny Quil is? Denis Leary did a bit about Ny Quil once..."I don't do illegal drugs anymore. Janet separated from Tommy several months prior, due to his failure to commit to his family and open up about 9/11.Tommy's daughter Colleen says she is in a relationship with another girl.Season 1 of Rescue Me debuted on July 21, 2004, and began by introducing the members of New York City Fire Department's fictional Ladder Company 62—aka "62 Truck"—quartered with the fictional Engine Company 99 and the Chief of the 15th (later 30th) Battalion in a firehouse in northeastern Harlem, New York City.


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  2. The neural network was trained on clinically confirmed photos of dermatoscopy.

  3. He was again traded to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Timofey Mozgov but waived by the Nets Immediately upon being acquired.

  4. New types of relationships formed; it was possible for people to live together without marrying and without children.

  5. She got her first B ever, in calculus, and then she got her first D the next semester and I got 2 C's.

  6. One of the hardest things about dating can be finding something to talk about, and those cheesy icebreakers lose their charm once you’ve heard them a few dozen times.

  7. Your guidance is so specific and well presented and when I met her during the day at my local mall (I originally just went to get some groceries!

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