Who is haley james scott dating

Carrie flirted with Nathan by swimming in the pool naked whilst he watched, and even getting in the shower with him.

Rachel flirted with Nathan and used the car accident to get close to him, even going as far as lying about seeing Keith under the water to give them a connection that would have Nathan interested as well.

Rachel clashed with Haley over her flirtation with Nathan, but she soon backed off when it was revealed that Haley was pregnant.

Details: During their first two years of high school, Nathan, the basketball star, entered a romance with the lonely cheerleader, Peyton Sawyer.

They had a very argumentative relationship that often had them breaking up and then reuniting with each other several times each week.

Details: Nathan met Taylor at a basketball party at his parents beach house during his freshman year.

The two got very drunk and hooked up for one night and he lost his virginity to her. It was quite a shock when he met her again his junior year and she turned out to be his new sister-in-law.

The couple have managed to stick together during thick and thin, following their separate dreams successfully and still prove to be the happy couple that is Naley.

Details: After the car accident and Cooper's departure from Tree Hill, Rachel turned her interests to Nathan (possibly as a consequence of her unresolved feelings for Cooper as she explicitly stated that Nathan had Cooper's eyes).

Haley Bob James is the seventh child, and the fourth daughter of Jimmy and Lydia James.


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