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I am really happy right now and things are going great in my life!

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However, Jo and Slade were able to salvage their friendship and Slade promised to be Jo's manager to assist her dream of pursuing a music career.

By Season 3, Jo was no longer a current castmate although she made a cameo in the season finale and reunion show as well as making sporadic appearances in Season 4.

Since her departure from the Housewives, Jo and Slade starred in a spin-off dating reality show.

The premise involves Jo exploring new love interests while Slade advises her along the way.

She was a part of the show before it became the multi-city phenomenon it is today.

While Jo was off the show before it really took off, fans who have been watching since the beginning will always remember her.Regardless of how I feel about them being together, this is Gretchen and Slade’s time in the spotlight and I just want to move forward with my music. (Smiley was arrested in February 2009 for unpaid child support, purportedly at Rossi’s Costa Mesa home.) I was just like, “How can you call me and ask me for help when I just found out that you are sleeping with Slade?It would have put me back out there in the public eye, but for all the wrong reasons. ” The truth of the matter is that it is what it is, and Gretchen, to me, is…it’s just dumb.After college, De La Rosa pursued a career in the title insurance industry where she met and began to date Slade, who introduced her to the Coto lifestyle and social scene.There, she was cast as a housewife for the first season of the franchise, Real Housewives of Orange County.We work diligently to ensure that our numbers are the most accurate celebrity net worth data you will find anywhere on the internet.

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