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Along with this, Jodie Kidd can be known from TV shows, which will be just another source of Jodie Kidd net worth.

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Apart from her occupation, she loves horse riding, playing polo or golf, racing cars in addition to Gumball 3000.

She holds the record for the fastest lap time to get a star on “Best Gear.

In this series, her spouse was a professional dancer, Ian Waite.

The couple ended up with obtaining the sixth location.

After she was 15 years old, Jodie Kidd was detected when she had been spending some time on a beach in Barbados.

The photographer who noticed that her was Terry O’Neil and he had been the person who introduced her into Laraine Ashton, a model representative.It’s been estimated that the entire amount of Jodie Kidd net worth is as much as 3 million dollars, as of today.Jodie Kidd has made her net worth largely through her three livelihood — being a version, racecar driver and TV character. She had been born to some quite well-known household, as her father was a showjumper and businessman, Johnny Kidd.She drove Maserati and finished the fastest lap at the Top Gear automobile series.Jodie Kidd has also raced several times in Gumball 3000 races.I n addition to each of the said, Jodie Kidd can be interested into enjoying golf, polo and horseback riding.


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