Who is juanita vanoy dating now

As far as we are concerned with marriage number two, so far, so good.

Previously, she was in a marital relationship with former NBA and baseball player Michael Jordan.

Well, the couple began dating at the beginning of After the divorce, her ex-husband Michael Jordan remarried, Yvette Prieto, while Vanoy is living a single life with her children. Juanita Vanoy has a perfect slim body type with black hair and color.

Juanita Vanoy started her career as a fashion model since her early age.

After that, she started working as a model and an executive secretary at the American Bar Association.

See Also: Dwayne Johnson’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements Her name is Juanita Vanoy and she first met her future ex- husband in 1984, at a restaurant in Chicago.

Before she met Michael, she was sort of a ‘career girl’ herself.These days, she is doing pretty well for herself, with a net worth of 0 million, there’s no escaping the fact that the divorce settlement went a long way in getting her there.She is also into real estate and she is the chairman and co-founder, alongside Michael, of the ‘Michael and Juanita Jordan Endowment Fund’.Don’t Miss: Lebron James height, Beyonce height, Selena Gomez feet, Shaquille O’Neal, Kim Kardashian age, Kendall Jenner height, How tall is Danny Devitos, How tall is Danny Devitos, Hendrix Hart Hendrix Hart, Will Ferrell wife Their divorce did not just make news because it involved a basketball legend, but also because, that settlement was out of this world.She got the kids, the house and 8 million making theirs one of the most expensive divorce settlements we have seen out there.or two, but Michael Jordan seems to know a thing or two about sticking to a woman.

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