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Michael Krebs has seven acting credits to his name dating back to 1994, and he's played Lincoln in all of them, taking advantage of his spitting resemblance on screen and stage.A CHILLING video showing an Oklahoma dentist grabbing a slice of pizza while holding the limp body of his mistress' son after allegedly bashing the baby to death has emerged.Fox25 reported that Franklin had sent the biological father of Lewis threatening messages, including threats to "skin him in Bricktown" and that he would cut his penis off.

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As revealed in "Moving On", he was terminated from Sabre following the company's liquidation, but is hired back at the Scranton branch as the new Management Consultant by Regional Manager Andy Bernard in a gambit to make Erin uncomfortable after she broke up with him in order to be with customer service representative Pete Miller.

Gabe Lewis is the Coordinating Director of Emerging Regions for Sabre, initially acting as a liaison between Corporate and the Scranton branch.

Lewis' mother, who was home at the time of the attack, said she heard a loud thud but Franklin told her he had been throwing a ball to the dog.

It wasn't until about 2 the next morning that Lewis' mother tried to wake her baby for his bottle that she realised something was wrong.

Born in Ohio, USA, he is a author, entrepreneur and former professional football player.

His parents’ information is not known at the moment. At the end of the seventh season, CEO Jo Bennett decides to reassign him back to Florida, due to his personal issues within the office, over his breakup with receptionist Erin Hannon and his open hostility towards Andy Bernard.However, in the Season 8 episode "Trivia", Gabe outlines that Corporate made a bafflingly illogical deal with the Scranton office, which would have Gabe be in Tallahassee three days a week and in Scranton for two, resulting in having to fly every night of the work week between the locations.In honor of President's Day, here are some of the actors who have played Honest Abe over the years. But it has been looked at less fondly in recent years for its historical inaccuracies.Walter Huston also portrayed Lincoln in a 1929 short film called "Two Americans," about Lincoln and Ulysses S. In "The Littlest Rebel," Shirley Temple plays the daughter of a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.Steven Spielberg highlights the sanctity of the democratic process in "Lincoln" and how Honest Abe's wise presence allowed him to broker such a landmark victory for democracy.

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