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Presumably, if anyone had interviewed Jim about his rumored relationship with Court, he would have played dumb. It all turned a bit awkward in 2010, though, when his guest was Jennifer Aniston.

Jen was desperately trying to avoid any mention that these two had dated, but Jon brought it up. Jen's reply was just as epic as Rachel's one-liners. "And I remember thinking she's so excited to be on a date with me." Jen fired back with, "If I remember correctly, wasn't it sort of a group of us are going out, do you want to join?

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If you date someone, their best friend is a "no-go area." What, Joey getting together with Rachel after the "Ross history" didn't teach you that? You muddle through and then you crash a wall," he said.

In 1995, Jennifer Aniston was one year into her newfound stardom. Adam Duritz dated Jennifer Aniston, then dumped her for Courteney Cox. Adam and Courtney didn't last, and nor did Adam's other girlfriends: Emmy Rossum, Winona Ryder, Christina Applegate, and Lara Flynn Boyle.

"Now when you come back, I hope you remember that that chick is NOT A TOY! For the most awkward guy on TV, Chandler Bing sure did rack up some good-looking ladies. If you remember Chandler leaving the eatery with the only dignity he could – a bathroom door covering himself up – you'll know that "Susie Underpants" succeeded. " Matthew asked himself in an interview with The Daily Mail.

It took Chandler a good five seasons to find "the most beautiful woman in most rooms," Monica Geller. "Being on Friends always seemed to help." Here's what you didn't know, though.

Neither Jen nor Matthew have ever confirmed their relationship.

Matthew told – the "chaos" of living with Ange was "like a mental asylum." Unlike her alter-ego Phoebe, Lisa has been going steady with her French husband, Michel Stern since 1995 – bonus points for marrying outside the A-list there, Lisa.

Long before the MCU had Ant-Man, Paul Rudd was a very different guy. At 33 years old, Matt Le Blanc's current girlfriend is 17 years younger than him.

The superhero years were light years ahead of this actor, and Paul was facing a bit of a "no way out," being typecast in a string of romantic comedies. Big surprise, it's about a New York girl who falls in love with her best friend (although he's more into guys). Matt has been pretty open about his relationship with Aurora, especially on Instagram.

") or getting fake tans ("Was that place Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt Le Blanc didn't need Tinder or any of today's dating apps. Between the models, actors, actresses, and guest stars, these six even managed to being pretty mad at Ross, but Ross definitely made things difficult as well. Rachel kept those eggshells "from the first time you made me breakfast in bed." They got married in Vegas. By 2009, Jen was in that awkward "in-between" phase.


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