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Last year the hotel installed, via MEIKO UK partner distributor Commercial Catering Contracts, a MEIKO FV40.2G-Gi O glasswasher.Most recently the hotel worked with Commercial Catering Contracts and MEIKO to replace their ageing main dishwash system; Will Lyons, Deputy General Manager, Down Hall Hotel commented, “Due to an increase in capacity and a forecast of positive growth over the next year, we decided to invest in a high-quality, top of the range, rack transport dishwasher.

Not just any dishwashing technology can be used for these glasses. "That's what MEIKO stands for in the market", says Stäbler.

At Staufenberg, a new generation of undercounter dishwashing machines ensures crockery is brilliantly clean, bridging the gap between the 11th century and the age of high-tech. That gives you added freedom in organising your kitchen, where every centimetre counts.

In my experience of operating this equipment, there are a few companies that always come out on top but MEIKO’s customer service is second to none.”Also praising MEIKO’s customer service is Adam Doffman, Sales Manager at Commercial Catering Contracts.

“We’ve had nothing but excellent service from MEIKO UK and from Regional Sales Manager Martin Pinder.

She has appeared in about 100 films, with her most famous roles being outlaw characters in early 1970s films, such as the rebels of the Stray Cat Rock series, the assassin Lady Snowblood, or the murderous Sasori from the Female Convict 701: Scorpion series.

, Kaji Meiko), born March 24, 1947 in Chiyoda, Tokyo is a Japanese actress and singer.The machine's speed is also appreciated, because the wash cycle is about 30 seconds shorter. "Since the machine washes much faster, we need fewer glasses and nothing is left here standing around", says Stäbler referring to the return station, which always used to be full of dirty washware. The new Comfort Air technology reduces steam by up to 80 %."You're definitely aware of that, especially when you wear glasses", she adds.Not only does the region lie at visitors' feet, but the local history is also very palpable.Much has happened since the Zähringer family built the castle in the 11th century, and in the 200 plus years that it has been in possession of the Margraves of Baden.And it benefits the indoor climate, whether in a wash-up area or behind the counter of a bar.


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