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In November 1982, Karn released his first solo album, Titles, just as Japan had announced their split.In 1982 Karn wrote some material with Michael Finbarr Murphy guitarist and writer for Heatwave, Alan Murphy of Level 42, and Diana Ross among others.In addition, several people Karn has worked with, in particular Midge Ure, announced concerts in support of the appeal.

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The band Japan, whose other members included David Sylvian, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and Sylvian's brother Steve Jansen as drummer, began as a group of friends, who all studied at Catford Boys' School.

As youngsters they played music as a means of escape, playing Sylvian's two-chord numbers – sometimes with Karn as the front man, sometimes with Sylvian at the fore. They christened themselves Japan in 1974, signed a recording contract with German disco label Hansa, with whom they recorded three studio albums and became an alternative glam rock outfit in the mould of David Bowie, T. As the band started to achieve commercial success with the release of Tin Drum, and "Ghosts", which reached the top five in 1982, tensions and personality conflicts between band members rose; Tin Drum was to be the band's final studio album.

Karn played an aluminium-neck Travis Bean bass on all Japan albums up to Gentlemen Take Polaroids.

In 1981 he moved to Wal basses, purchasing two Mark I instruments, one with rare African tulipwood facings, the other a cherry solidbody.

Murphy also added that this would be the first time the two had seen each other since 1983.

The tracks were mixed by Steve Jansen, mastered by Pieter Snaper in Istanbul and the artwork for the EP was created by Thomas Bak with a painting by Jarosław Kukowski.Long-simmering differences among the bandmembers came to a head when Karn's girlfriend, photographer Yuka Fujii, moved in with Sylvian and the individual members forged ahead with their own projects.Karn said in an interview that as tensions with their record company had abated following Japan's commercial success, band members began focusing on personal differences rather than on the common enemy.In 2001, he worked with Paul Wong on his "Yellow Paul Wong" release.Karn left London in 2004 to live in Cyprus with his wife and son, financially enabling himself to keep working as a musician/artist.ANNABEL Giles hasn't been seen on TV regularly for a number of years as the former television presenter and model instead became a qualified counsellor. The 59-year-old was born in Pontypool, Wales, and started her media career in the 1990s for ITV show's Razzmatazz and Night Network.

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