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Tiffanie defines herself as an urban artist so she left; also because of tensions in the group.

Pussycatdolls have been around longer and have a bigger following and Girlicious started later and has gone through many changes with the members of the group.

They wont be out for quite a while though Natalia Bishop , Stefanie Vanderwank, Tiffiney Oyola, Christine Kiaster Tannest one . Tiffanie Anderson was in the group but not any more.

Girlicious appeared live at the 2009 Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada as nominees and presenters.

The group won the award for "Most Watched Video" for "Like Me".

There didn't seem to be a definite answer on who is better, but it seems the majoriy like the Pussycatdolls.

I believe the CD is being delayed for release in the US until September, but it should be available on i Tunes. Go to the Girlicious website for information on appearances or signings.

She does the same for the The Pussycat Dolls sister groups Girlicious and The Paradiso Girls.

well there is pcd, girlicious and a new one you may not of heard of Paradiso Girls. There isn't anymore planned but a boy band The Pussycat Dogs. Tan one The names are actually Natalie Mejia, Nichole Cordova, Chrystian Sayers.

The cast of Get with Girlicious - 2008 includes: Tiffanie Anderson as herself Girlicious as Themselves Matte Babel as Himself - Host Nichole Cordova as herself Natalie Mejia as herself Chrystina Sayers as herself Mikey Minden has: Played himself in "The Hills" in 2006.

Played himself in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" in 2007.

The four chosen members, Nichole Cordova, Tiffanie Anderson, Natalie Meija, and Chrystina Sayers began recording their debut album in the fall of 2007, while the show was being edited and prepared for airing on The CW network.

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