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Hopefully, this would be settled out of court, so as not to reignite the family feud.

About a month ago, in an interview with Nancy Isime on Hip TV, Peter indirectly validated the contribution of his wife to P’Square’s split.

In his words, he emphasized that he would not take his brothers over his own family.

He, however, stressed that he’s done with family business, which indicates that getting back together (with his brother) may never happen.

P’Square’s infamous breakup has served as a lesson to many.

And hopefully, sooner rather than later, the wish of many music lovers across the globe would be fulfilled.

However, to be realistic, recent events indicate growing dissension between the brothers, and we’ll be looking into some of these events in the next section of this article.

And having to deal with such from his blood brothers is not ideal; hence, the call for dissolution, which led to the eventual separation of the brothers.

Round up; Peter is on a mission to prove a point – that he is, in fact, a top singer, without his twin brother.

In this piece, we’ll be bringing you the latest news and trends about the brothers, particularly how fast they are both keeping up in the industry, as well as the validity of the rumour of them getting back together and lots more. To a shallow mind, typical of many, the infamous separation of P’Square was caused by the duo’s respective marriages, as they broke up only a couple of years after their respective weddings.

A key person of interest here is Peter Okoye’s wife, in person of Lola Omotayo-Okoye, whose marriage to Peter generated serious tensions, which consequently resulted in the eventual dissolution of P’Square.

And many still hope that one day, just day, they’d get back together. The infamous breakup of P’Square is seen by many as a trial, aimed at testing their individual popularity and relevance in the Nigerian music industry, as well as to determine who, among the duo, was actually the brain of the outfit, during their heyday.

In fact, some believe that they are actually back to together. In any case, there is hope that after the whole “point-proving endeavours”, the brothers would finally come back to their senses and give the people what they actually want: the resurgence of the evergreen , and not the “dancer” Peter Okoye or the “singer” Paul Okoye, as separate entities. First off, let us take a brief review as to what caused (and contributed) to the infamous dissolution of the universally-loved music duo.

Lola Omotayo’s union with Peter was met by serious rejection from Peter’s family, primarily due to the fact that she’s many years older than Peter and subtly due to her different cultural background.

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