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I wonder if they chose Tila to be the first bi-sexual because Asians are usally portrayed as a sexual being on televison shows?

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Now after 1 year if I want to move back to comapny X (as a result of AOS denial or without a reason) can I still use the same h1b petition to move back to comapny X or not? Or simply should/can I get some equivalent, such as affidavite from my parents attested by some govt authority etc., Also, in case I can't make it now (depends on preponing air tickets etc), may I have to wait couple of more years. As long as you are still doing S/W related job, don't worry about VB , C# or Java etc ...

If not how can I move back to comapny X and what all it will take to get a new h1b ? :confused::confused::confused: Thanks Jasmine/lacrossegc/etal, Btw, one twist I have is that my birth certificate is in Punjabi. I myself used AC21 rule to change the job and got GC in September.. Most of the ppl, I know (including me) did not inform USCIS about AC21.

Download the craziest, funniest, sexiest videos every week from VH1's top Celebreality programming and online exclusives from your favorite shows including Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love!

As I have stated earlier, I AM A REALITY TV JUNKIE! While "Flavor of Love" is a competition to out-smart, out-skank, and out-cuss their competition.

2010 being an election year nothing this radioactive will be done. Anyway, givien the details I gave in my first post, what would you guys advise, go to Canada and reset the H1B clock or try to force PERM now? If they travel outside the while case pending and if they try to renter before case is approved, they will deny at POE and cancel and 10 Year multiple visa. But she left to India two days before her I-94 expiration date. What I heard was, when you apply for an extension, the stay after I-94 expiration date is approved by US Attorney general for certain number of days.

I am currently on h1b with Company X (h1b expires in April 2011) (I-140 approved, filed 485 on july 2 so am past 180 days) If I take a job on EAD with Company Y without h1b tranfer to comapny Y. I even sent a letter asking them to cancel/withdraw my application. We didn't pursue that option since we thought that it could jeopardize her subsequent trip.

All the other shows I named in the title include minority groups we have previously discussed in class and I'll describe what makes each show special.

"A Shot at Love" followed Tila Tequila a bi-sexual on a quest to find the right man or woman for her.

"Chance" was given his name because he's risky, he's crazy, you are taking a "chance" with him. It had two twin sisters looking for love, but like the earlier Tila Tequila they are bi-sexuals looking for the right men and women for them.

So when these two got their own show "Chance" got the stereotypical "ghetto" women, while "Real" got more of the middle class, including causians, women. This show like all the ones I have mentioned before this are about the entertainment not the love.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! The first season premiered October 20, 2008, and featured seventeen female contestants taking part in various challenges in a format similar to other VH1 and MTV dating contest programs.


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