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But for the promotion, all of the other actors keep talking about how nice he is and how supportive he was of the cast, and he just seems to be a lot softer these days. Maybe it has something to do with his split from Danielle Spencer?

I don’t like his (lack of) hair, but the suit looks great on him, I’m glad he went without a tie, and he just seems… Like, Russell is usually so grumpy and he always seemed kind of arrogant and douchey.

Crowe appeared in Rome, Italy, on Tuesday to unveil "Il Gladiatore In Concerto" ("The Gladiator in Concert"), which is a live musical experience centered around his Academy Award-winning 2000 epic, "Gladiator."Rocking a black Ralph Lauren polo shirt, blue jeans and blue running sneakers, the 54-year-old actor was all smiles as he posed in front of a poster and interacted with media. S Roma football scarf above his head with a giant grin on his face.

See photos of Russell Crowe's shocking new look: New Zealand-Australian actor Russell Crowe gestures as he poses during a photocall promoting the charity screening of the award-winning 2000-released blockbuster 'Gladiator' on June 5, 2018 in Rome.

On Monday September 16 @richardroeper will chat with me & director @derrickborte. Link trailer AJj Qx Dp5tc Ms Qw Immigration Minister @David Coleman MP must end this cruelty now and use his powers of ministerial intervention to allow Priya, Nades and their two girls to stay in Australia.

Contact him now: Email- [email protected] Sign the petition- WQr PEh C0 A great week spent with James Willett and his partner Amy at Nando Rossi Memorial and The Green Cup at the magnificent Umbriaverde Shooting Range at Todi in Italy.

Lee, 31, who split with Joel after five years of marriage in 2009 and won a massively generous payout, was also at Joe’s Pub on Saturday to watch Crowe, 48, perform with an all-star crowd.

[From Page Six] I can’t believe Katie Lee is only 31 and she’s already been married and divorced to Billy Joel and now she’s going after Crowe?! I also think it’s interesting that Russell would go for a brunette – isn’t he “all blondes, all the time”? Anyway, it’s nothing scandalous or anything – both of them are single and while the age difference is interesting, at least he’s dating a woman in her 30s.

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