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Their songs were popularized in the mass of audience in 2000.

He was once hospitalized as well because of losing consciousness.

He is popular in the social networking sites as well.

His solo song “Starry Eyed Surprise” got international success, which reached, to number 41 in Billboard Hot 100 list. He is one of the cast members for the popular show “Celebrity Rehab” as well.

He has also played in “Celebrity Rehab 2”, “Sober House 1” and “Sober House 2”.

Minus their Instagram usage, the band’s social-media presence mostly exists to get the job done when it comes to promotion.

There’s little about Crazy Town’s aesthetic or music — frozen-in-amber rap-rock ripped straight from the Bush era — that’s up for serious critical reevaluation; even when considering the nu-metal leanings of pop superstar Post Malone, their legacy is largely nonexistent, and there’s been little indication of a follow-up to But what if I told you they just headlined a small, hip-leaning venue in Brooklyn?

This past Saturday night, Crazy Town top-lined a triple bill at Sunnyvale, a club lying on the edges of Williamsburg and Bushwick that typically hosts more explicitly indie-ish fare; the last time I’d attended a show there, it was to see a set from crunchy East Coasters Ovlov, and in April they’ll be hosting a set from genre-bending savant Sean Nicholas Savage.

On February 22, however, it was Crazy Town’s night, a booking that seemed surprising on its face to anyone familiar with which bands play where in NYC.

And Crazy Town’s top-lining presence was far from the only element of the Sunnyvale lineup that felt like the audience had collectively tripped through a time warp.


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