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a television helicopter was seen flying over the school in an attempt to capture images of the then-high school student and her A-list beau.It was also reported that Vanessa skipped out on her prom and had to finish her education through homeschooling "because of the notoriety," her grandfather Robert Laine told the newspaper.to the Newport Coast, "closer to where Vanessa's family was rooted in Orange County." , Kobe reportedly told the newspaper his parents were uncomfortable with his "devotion" to Vanessa, and they also weren't pleased that he was marrying a Latina woman instead of tying the knot with an African-American woman.

But one characteristic people fail to celebrate is her intense loyalty and her dedication as a wife and mother.

From struggling to receive her in-laws' blessings to the top-notch treatment she received at the Lakers' arena, here's the untold truth of Kobe Bryant's wife.

She wakes up at every morning to shuttle her kids around town and take them to their sports practices. "That's the way I was raised," she said, in regards to her raising her children all on her own. By the way, that interview was conducted back when Vanessa only had two daughters.

So there will be no judgement from us if she changes her tune after her fourth baby is born.

described as a "10th grade drop-out," was seeking spousal support from Stephen, since Kobe and Vanessa had reportedly stopped giving her financial support.

Throughout the years, Vanessa and her husband had showered Sophia with gifts, including "a 0,000 retirement nest egg, a ,000 Mercedes Benz, and ,000 in furniture." reported the generosity went way further than that though.Vanessa was only 18 years old at the time of their wedding, while Kobe was 23.They were young, and, as such, many people probably thought they were doomed from the start.When asked if she enjoyed watching her husband on the basketball court, she started off by explaining that she loved the sport and then her answer went in an entirely different direction."I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can't win championships," she said.And you're treated like royalty around the Lakers' arena, the Staples Center.


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