Who was dating tupac when he died

Kidada and ‘Pac were also living together in Calabasas, CA at the time of his murder. […] For a while afterward, I didn’t want to be alive.

No one, besides Kidada and Pac knew what really went down with their relationship. My father underestimated how that affected me and shaped and molded me as a human being.

I just felt like sharing this due to my admiration for Pac and his artwork.

, the late rapper called out Quincy Jones for his relationships with white women. Pac, in his typically blunt fashion, was quoted as saying “All he does is stick his dick in white bitches and make fucked up kids.”While Tupac was certainly not the first person to criticize the musician for his relationships with white women, the conversation leapt from the card tables and barbershops of the world onto the the glossy pages of a popular national magazine. Here’s my white Jewish mom, you know, praying with Pac’s family, the ghetto family for real, you know?

Not to mention that Pac directed his venom not only at Quincy Jones, but his innocent childen, including Rashida. So you stay here.” So I waited in our suite for him to come back. She’s doing praying sessions with this conjure lady from Tupac’s family who had called me and Tupac just a week before, telling us, “I see Tupac settling in Vegas.”I said “There’s no way he’s settling in Vegas.”And then, a week later, he was definitely settled in Vegas.

Kidada was born on March 22, 1974 in Los Angeles, California.

Tupac and Kidada got engaged in 1995 and they were living together in Las Vegas at the time of his death.Kidada’s love for Tupac proves that she was an affectionate person. They connect on an intellectual and physical level.They are able to communicate effectively and stay positive through difficult times.I knew we should’ve never gone to Vegas that night. Kidada Jones, daughter of music icon, Quincy Jones, was the very last person to speak with her fiancee, Tupac, just moments before he died.He’s had two blood transfusions and he is in the ICU hanging on by a string.’ I got a blanket from the hospital and circled the parking lot for nine hours.

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