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For this line of business Amazon is acting as its own freight forwarder by reserving space on ships and clearing customs itself.This also reduced the fees it pays to outside logistics providers.Relay aims to speed up the process of making deliveries to warehouses.

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Or for that matter, Jeff Bezos’ drone prediction made five years ago on 60 Minutes.

Drones for home delivery are still too dangerous, as opposed to using drones for inventory management.

The move finally puts Amazon in the position that it has been working towards for years in the grocery space.

Grocery has been one area that Amazon has not been able to crack, even with the launch of Amazon Fresh.

But other events are both innovative and meaningful.

Let’s just review some of their activities over just the past year.Amazon’s vision is that people will mount their buttons in their kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and bathroom using the attached adhesive strip on the back of the device.Then, for example, when they run out of Tide laundry detergent, the consumer pushes the button and Tide is automatically ordered.When a client asked for something, a helpful associate would go to the backroom and search for it, and perhaps in ten minutes would return with the item, or perhaps not.Now they have gone to a lean, JIT grocery supply chain with virtually no inventory in the back.But this year, Amazon began taking greater control over shipments from China.

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