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From the age of five and onwards, Katherine lived with her surrogate father, Bobby Singer, while occasionally going on the road with her father and brothers.

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Katherine's mother had to go on the run with her because monsters were drawn to Katherine's power and the angels wanted to eliminate both Serenity and Katherine (as well as their family), and the demons wanted to use Katherine's power for their own selfish needs.

Katherine is a member of the Winchester Family, the Rosales Family and the Labonair Family, as well as a distant relative of the Campbell Family.

Katherine Winchester (born Seraphina Katerina Rosales-Labonair), commonly known by Sera or Katherine/Katerina, is a hybrid and a hunter, as well as a member of the Men of Letters alongside her brothers.

She is the daughter of Serenity Rosales-Labonair and John Winchester, and the younger half-sister of Dean and Sam Winchester, though she did not meet them until she was seven years-old.

Katherine also descends from a long line of hybrids on her mother's side of the family.


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