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“That distraction wasn’t benefiting me, and I found I was hurting a lot of people who were invested in me,” he explains.

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“I felt like I needed to make up for lost time, so I didn’t just stick with the first cute guy I matched with on a dating app,” Rachel says. I’ve spent the past few months dating a few guys I’m really interested in, and I’m having a great time.”Of course, dating more than one person at a time does have its drawbacks.

Scheduling a slew of first dates can be a blast — you’re trying new restaurants and bars, going on adventures that get you out of your comfort zone, and getting to know new people. “I dated a ridiculous amount of guys and girls for a year,” he says.

While everyone is different, if monogamy truly isn’t for you and you’re willing to be open about that with people you’re dating, it could be worth considering an open relationship.

People are different, and it only makes sense that their approaches to dating — and how many people they want to date at one time — would be different as well.

If they haven’t brought it up on their own, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re seeing anyone else.

“If you’re dating someone you have strong feelings for, it is wise to ask them if they’re dating anyone else,” she says.

Rule 3 – I don’t want a time waster or someone who is a bum…

go make your own money you lazy f**ks.”In a bid to entice potential matches, he also adds that he owns a German Shepherd dog and a two-bedroom flat.“Good luck girls,” he concluded the profile.

The image shows an underwear-clad ‘Kirk’ from Essex wearing his trousers around his ankles with a list of three strict rules to consider if you want to date him..

“Rule 2, If you date black Boys or think about it don’t even text me.

There’s nothing quite as humiliating as calling your date by the wrong name or having them catch your phone lighting up with texts from Ah, the million dollar question: Do the people you’re dating have the right to know that the nights that you’re not with them, you’re taking romantic strolls with other people? “I believe in complete transparency,” she explains.

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