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The view of that girl who was wearing the white shirt and no bra was enough for the young man to thank every god he knew of.

For a moment he wished that his friends could be there with him, but Willow was working on her magic tonight, while John and Joy were going out on a date.

Jesse sat alone, enjoying the unique sights the Bronze had to offer.

Okay so the paint was pealing and the pipes were rusting, but on the bright side the AC was busted so the view of the crowded dance floor was stunning.

He had thought that Xander would be a safe bet, but for a guy that was smart enough to quit school he sure was dumb as far as remembering that when you were out of school you were supposed to have fun.

Buffy and Faith were going to come by after their patrol, but for the moment he was flying solo.

Of course Jesse had only noticed those two attributes after he had carefully inspected the way her white jeans hugged her every curve, and the way that she had left the first three buttons of her red blouse undone, giving tantalizing hints of what they were hiding.

In the back of his mind Jesse recognized Xander's voice telling him to ask her to dance, that all women liked to dance, but for some reason he couldn't move his legs. "I really didn't want to talk with someone who would leave as soon as someone better looking walked through the door." "Personally I don't think God is kind enough to make anything that looks better than you do at this moment," said Jesse, and he mentally put a mark on his mental score board when she smiled.

He figured that he would have a better chance of running for his life on the dance floor if she tried to kill him.

Yeah that was why he wanted to get her on the dance floor; it had nothing to do with him wanting to see her move, and possibly see just how her blouse would look when molded itself to her body when she started to sweat.

When a vampire got yellow eyes they also had fangs and a deformed face going on, so not vampire. "Nice eyes," said Jesse after a few moments of frozen silence.

"Most people comment on the hair first, but thanks for the compliment," said the girl. " asked Jesse when he realized that the possibility of them being completely natural was still on the table and he had to come up with a way to say alive if she decided to attack him.

Jesse didn't have much time to figure out if he was happy being on his own or not, because at that moment a walking dream came into the club and all his higher brain functions immediately shut down.

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